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Organizing and Expanding Garage Space

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Custom Garage cabinets Denver CO

An organized garage can make life safer and more enjoyable for a family. Instead of a garage being a space where floating items go to hide, it can be an efficient storage place for seasonal treasures, tools, lawn equipment, and more! A functioning garage system with an aesthetic appeal can be organized in a way that accommodates your family’s needs, motivating you to maintain an accident-free and clutter-free zone. Consider these handy organizational hacks to transform your garage into a significantly safer and more organized space. 

Custom Garage cabinets Denver COSlat Boards

By removing your belongings from the floor and thoughtfully placing them on the wall, you can create walking space, room to play and work, and a place to park your car. The addition of a slat wall will maximize the storage space and the efficiency of your garage, allowing you to organize camping gear, cleaning supplies, and sporting equipment anyway that you choose. Whether it’s tools or toys that you need to coordinate, this versatile system can be configured to make the most of your space.

Wall Hooks

Further organize your garage with the use of hooks! These nifty assistants make for ease and convenience when storing a wide range of supplies, cataloguing an assortment of odd items that cannot quite fit on racks. There are a variety of hooks on the market, each catering to specific purpose; however, with a little ingenuity, you can hang just about anything on simple screw-in hooks, which are a budget friendly option and can serve a range of needs. 

Custom Cabinets

The garage is often the catch-all for home goods and seasonal items, making custom cabinets a worthy option for any garage space. A customized cabinet system will allow for easy storage and can be modified to suit all of your needs. This storage solution will solve numerous problems, while doubling your storing capacity and securely housing heavier household items. The insightful team from your local Closet & Storage Concepts Colorado can help you transition your cluttered garage into an efficient working space.

Get Start Today

When it comes to garage storage and organization, you don’t have to do it alone. Partner with a professional storage company, such as Closet & Storage Concepts Colorado, to create a customized result. This reputable home storage company can design a garage storage system that will make your dreams a reality. Whatever your vision or situation, there is a garage storage solution that will meet the needs of you and your family. Contact your local team experts today