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Organizing Your Art Studio

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When making art, it’s important to have a space that allows your creativity to flow. An organized studio can streamline your art experience by minimizing the time it takes to find what you need. At Closet & Storage Concepts, we offer custom organization solutions to create the studio of your dreams.


Custom cabinets to store your art supplies are a great way to bring organization to your studio. A cabinet can hold anything from paintbrushes to sketchbooks and serves as a great home for your supplies. Installing custom shelving can make the most of your cabinets by adding needed space. 


If you are a painter looking for ways to store your art, our shelving systems are a great option. We can build standup vertical shelves that can serve as the perfect home for your canvases or drawing boards or horizontal shelves for your supplies. Keep your art and supplies safe and organized with custom shelves.


Our drawers can be installed in a number of ways in your art studio. You can utilize the room under counters or in a closet by installing custom drawers and maximizing space. Drawers can be further customized with drawer separators that keep your supplies where they are supposed to be. 


If you use aprons, hooks are a great way to store them neatly. They can make the most of unused wall space and can also be installed inside of a door to keep your aprons out of view. The hooks we carry come in a variety of finishes and styles that can suit your tastes. 


Our experts at Closet & Storage Concepts build custom desks to fit any space and accommodate your needs. Whether you have a smaller studio or require a lot of table space, we can assist you with having your ideal desk. Our desks can be built with drawers or shelves for extra storage that expands space to store your supplies. 

If you love to create art and are looking to enhance your studio space, we have solutions for you. Contact Closet & Storage Concepts today for a free consultation.