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Play Room Organization

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organized playroom

organized playroom 3D renderActive toddlers are everywhere when they are at play. They are tumbling on the floor doing gymnastics, playing dress up and make-believe, and have building blocks scattered around the floor like an obstacle course for sore feet. Getting everything organized and put away can give your toddler more room to play and prevent items from getting stepped on or broken. Here are four ideas to help reel in clutter and messiness in their playrooms. 

Create Designated Play Areas

If you are organizing a large play area, it might be best to create designated spots for certain activities. You can have a small reading area by the window with pillows, chairs, and a bench. Another area can be dedicated to crafts. You can also have a dress up area where your toddler can put on plays, and a separate tumbling area with soft flooring to do exercises or watch a movie.

Once you have designated areas for certain activities, you can place in the right storage solutions, such as bookshelves, craft baskets, and toy bins. Closet & Storage Concepts of Denver, a professional home storage manufacturer and installer, can help design your play space with the right storage solutions for your needs.

Custom Entertainment and Wall Units for Small Rooms

For small playrooms, you may want to have one storage solution that holds all the toys, books, and games. A built-in wall storage unit or entertainment center with shelves, cubbies, and drawers can be the perfect solution. Arrange the toys and activities based on age. A toddler’s items can go in lower drawers while the upper shelves can be reserved for older children who are tall enough to reach these higher areas. traditional custom entertainment center playroom storage Denve

Wall Storage for Books

If you are running out of space to store all of the toys, books, and board games, don’t forget to use the walls in your room organization efforts. Bookshelves or shallow rails can accommodate different book sizes and still provide easy access for children.

Benches with Toy Cubbies

Benches used for reading or at craft tables can also provide storage solutions for toys. Create storage under the bench to keep baskets and clear containers that can hold smaller toys like cars, building blocks, books, or art supplies. The baskets can easily be pulled out so the items can be retrieved, and you can place labels on the bins so your child knows which items to place inside.

Having a clean and organized playroom is every parent’s dream. Use these storage solutions from our professional Denver designers to help keep the toys in their designated places. Start organizing play areas, the living room, or Den with Closet & Storage Concepts!

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