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Preparing For The Perfect Movie Night

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It’s the weekend and you’re prepping for a cozy movie night with family and friends. Although a mix of the right people and the perfect movie is all you need to make the night a hit, there are a few movie night upgrades that will declare you the perfect movie night host.

Built-In Entertainment System

Having separate built-in wall unit in your entertainment room makes it easier to organize movie nights. A customized room also allows you to create the perfect movie night experience, tailored to your preferences.

Snack Stands

Popcorn Stand

Popcorn and movies go hand-in-hand, so making room for a popcorn stand will recreate that movie theater experience. Whether it’s a dedicated table for freshly microwaved popcorn or a full popcorn maker, having this classic movie snack on-hand is an essential part of a perfect movie night. Keeping different popcorn seasoning is also a great idea to elevate the movie popcorn experience.

Shaved Ice Stand

If it’s summer time, or even if not, having snack options like shaved ice adds a fun element to your snack bar. Shaved ice is an easy-to-make treat for those warmer days, or for a cool treat.

Candy Stand

Kids or no kids, everyone loves to nibble on candy. Having a candy bar stand can add an extra “oomph” to your movie night experience.

Lounging Essentials

It’s important to make your friends and family feel comfortable. If it’s a cold night or the air conditioner is on, having throws for every guest and plenty of cushions will make your guests feel cozy and comfortable. Movie nights are all about settling in and immersing yourself in the show, which makes comfort a priority.

Having comfortable chairs or mattresses is another essential. When using a built-in entertainment center that suits your space, you’re able to utilize the rest of the room – which means extra space for cozy seating. Ensuring that everyone is well-seated is an essential of a good movie night.


If you lack space for a large TV, or want multi-leveled seating, a projector can give you the best of both worlds. A good projector can give you that movie theater experience. It’s important to make sure your projector has the right surface and ample space to project onto.

Sound System

Sound is extremely important when organizing the perfect movie experience. A good sound system helps you enjoy a movie better. Surround sound can replicate the dynamic, epic experience of action movies or ensure that you don’t miss important dialogue in a drama. So, get those sound speakers and place them all around the room to create a movie theatre experience.

Select Movies in Advance

It’s a great time saver to choose a movie or shortlist a handful before movie night. This way, no time or energy goes in mindlessly scrolling to choose the perfect movie.

Experience the luxury of having a theater right in your home! It’s the perfect way to host summer nights with friends and family. Plus, it’s something you can enjoy even after summer is over. Contact Closet & Storage Concepts today to design your perfect entertainment room.