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Revamp Your Closet For The New Year

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With the New Year quickly approaching, now is the perfect time to revamp your closet! At Closet & Storage Concepts Colorado, we want you to enter 2023 with a clean, organized closet that fits all your needs. Though cleaning out your closet and re-styling it can be a daunting task, Closet & Storage Concepts is here to help! Read below for tips on updating your wardrobe for the new year. 

Get Rid of Anything You No Longer Wear

The first step to building the closet of your dreams is to get rid of anything you no longer wear! As the famous saying goes, out with the old and in with the new! Take everything out of your closet and sort items into a keep pile and a donate pile. Removing unused items will make your closet less cluttered and your mornings stress-free as you don’t have to sift through clothing you never wear. 

Hang Your Clothing Backwards on Your Clothing Rack

An excellent hack for the new year is putting the items you decide to keep in your closet with the hanger facing backward. Once you wear the item, you can flip the hanger facing the correct way. Sometimes it can be hard to part with items you think you might wear one day, but with this method, you can see what you haven’t worn in three months, six months, or a year! Then when you decide to purge your closet of unworn items again, you know which ones to donate. 

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Get Your Clothing Tailored

One of the most common reasons people tend never to wear something is that they don’t like how it fits. Do you have a pair of pants in your closet that you’d love to wear, but they’re a little too long? Or maybe a dress that would be perfect for any event, but it’s slightly too big? Bring them to a tailor and get them hemmed! Once your clothing is hemmed, it will feel like you have a whole new wardrobe! Now you have more items in your closet that you can use to create different outfits without ever having to go to the mall and buy something new! 

Invest in Proper Storage! 

Different clothing items call for different storage methods. While you may find it beneficial to hang your dress pants, you may decide to fold your sweaters. This may require you to search for alternative storage solutions. Here at Closet & Storage Concepts, we understand that everybody’s closet needs a unique storage solution. We can provide you with an expert team to help store and organize your clothing. Contact Closet & Storage Concepts Colorado for a free in-home consultation to get started on a cleaner, more organized wardrobe!