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Selecting Your Custom Closet System: Wall-Mounted or Floor-Based?

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Custom walk in wall mounted storage Colorado

Closets come in all shapes and sizes, and Closet & Storage Systems Colorado is proud to say we’ve worked with them all. If you want to customize your closet and don’t know where to begin, first consider whether you’re looking for a system that’s wall-mounted or floor-based.

Don’t know the difference? Don’t you worry! Read on for a quick comparison between wall-mounted and floor-based closet systems to aid you in your decision-making process, courtesy of our experts at Closet & Storage Concepts.

Wall-Mounted Closet Systems

Wall-mounted closet system in Denver CO

Wall-mounted closet systems are closet systems that are hung or suspended off the ground.  Their elevated aesthetic appeal makes them a popular option for families in our area, and our design consultants love wall-mounted systems for their effortless installation.

  • Extra Space: Wall-mounted closet systems offer extra floor space, which can be a considerable benefit in cramped quarters. Wall-mounted systems also offer the option to store items such as shoes or sporting equipment on the floor below, which helps to reduce closet clutter.
  • Easy Cleaning: Wall-mounted closet systems keep closets easy to clean. While floor-based systems make certain areas inaccessible to mops, brooms, or vacuums, wall-mounted systems keep cleaning a breeze.
  • Displayable: You have spent time and money creating your wardrobe – don’t you want to see what you have? With wall-mounted systems, outfit selection is easy and accessible. Quickly rifle through items hanging from racks and choose your attire for the day in minutes.

Floor-Based Closet Systems

Floor-based closet system in Denver CO

As the name suggests, floor-based closet systems are closet systems that stand on the ground. Floor-based closet systems have become standard in many homes, thanks to their sizable storage capacity and ability to safely hold heavy items.

  • Extra Storage: Floor-based systems offer endless stack-ability (until you hit the ceiling, of course). Folded clothing items can be easily stored and stacked in floor-based compartments, creating an efficient and compact storage solution.
  • Heavy Duty: Floor-based closet systems are great for their long-wearing durability. While wall-mounted closet systems safely store large volumes of lightweight items, floor-based closet systems hold heavyweight items as well.
  • Adaptability: Extending your system to the floor adds extra strength and storage to your closet system. If you’re looking to store more than apparel in your closet, a floor-based system might be the way to go.

Let’s Get to Work

Customizing your closet to meet your unique organizational needs can be a difficult process – unless you choose to do it with Closet & Storage Concepts Colorado. Our custom closet experts are happy to help you design your dream space, and even bring the showroom to your living room with a free design estimate. To schedule your complimentary appointment, visit us online today!

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