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Sporting Goods Storage Hacks

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Garage storage cabinets Denver, CO

Garage storage cabinets Denver, CO

Sports and other physical activities are part of a healthy lifestyle, but when your bikes, skis, or tennis rackets start to clutter up your home, you may start to feel overwhelmed. Organization is part of a healthy lifestyle as well, and we at Closet & Storage Concepts Colorado can help you organize your sporting goods with a few simple storage hacks. Below are our favorite tips for getting your gear organized this summer in your Denver home.

Skis and Snowboards

As summer approaches, you’ll need a long-term storage solution for your skis and snowboards during the off-season. Use pegboards and wall racks to store your equipment off the ground. Layered racks save space by allowing you to stack all of your family’s boards or skis in a compact area on the wall. You can even use display hooks or floating wall mounts to turn your equipment into decorative pieces by hanging them neatly in your home.

Bike Gear

Ceiling racks are a great way to get your bikes off the floor and create space to move around in your garage or utility room. Not everything can be easily hung from the ceiling like bikes can, so take advantage of this otherwise unusable space by installing ceiling hooks. Bikes can also be mounted to the wall or attached to slatted wall systems for easy access or display purposes. Top it off with a set of custom shelving to store your helmet, water bottle, and bike pump all in one place.

Hanging bike garage storage Denver

Gear and Equipment

Mesh bags can be a great solution for footballs, soccer balls, volleyballs, etc. The mesh allows you to see what’s inside while ensuring that the balls won’t roll away like they may if kept on a shelf. Hang your mesh bag from a pegboard, or on the inside door of a cabinet. Pegboards are also great for hanging baskets, which can be used to hold smaller items like mouth guards, gloves, or goggles. If you want to keep your gear out of sight, a custom cabinet could be right for you. These can be designed to hold an assortment of goods and are ideal for storing items discretely.

Get Started Today

No matter what type of activities you do, there is always an efficient and visually pleasing way to store your sporting goods all year round. Call Closet & Storage Concepts Colorado today for a free in-home design consultation in your Denver home. An organized life is in store for you this summer!