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Spring Clean Your Way to a Perfectly Purposeful Pantry

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custom pantry and kitchen storage longmont

custom pantry and kitchen storage longmont

Spring is almost here! It’s time to make the most out of your pantry space and get into spring cleaning mode. Having an organized and neat pantry makes for a smoothly-run kitchen and peace of mind. Now is the perfect time to get rid of any unused or expired food that is taking up extra space in the pantry. These are some simple tools and organizational tips that will take your pantry to the next level! 

Remove It

To start off, declutter your pantry by removing every food product in the pantry and place them onto a large surface area. This can be done by sections or all at once. As you empty your food storage room, take some time to wipe down any messy shelves and spilled products. 

Toss or Donate It

Once you have everything laid out, go through the products and toss expired foods and donate unexpired or unopened products that you no longer need. Find three extra cans of pumpkin puree you accidentally bought for that pie you made? Donate!

Group It

The key to organization is grouping similar products together and storing them neatly in the same place. When every item has a place in your pantry, you no longer have to spend time searching for that one ingredient. Dedicate a section of the pantry to your variety of pastas and rice or designate a shelf just for savory snacks. Whatever you choose, make it work for you and your household! 

Label It

Place your flour, sugar, pasta, etc. into containers and label them with expiration dates to create a clean and polished pantry look. This option gets rid of excess packaging that makes your pantry feel more cluttered than it actually is. Save up on space by looking into storage containers and baskets to neatly organize your food into groups. 

Take your spring cleaning to the next organizational level and consider a custom kitchen pantry solution to bring your pantry storage designs to life. Custom pantries can give your home a unique look and the possibilities are endless. Get started today by scheduling your complimentary in-home design estimate