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Spring Cleaning: Fast & Easy Projects

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After what can feel like a long winter, it’s no wonder that people may not want to be indoors when the seasons shift! Luckily, the local experts at Closet & Storage Concepts are here to help you make the most of your time. Complete these fast and easy spring cleaning projects to get back out there in no time.

Close up of stack of letters

Mail Time

Sorting the mail can usually be done in two minutes or less. You’ll feel better about your entryway and stay on top of bills by doing this fast and easy task.

Sock Drawer

Unmatched socks often creep up on us over time. Take five minutes to match socks up and corral the ones without a pair. If you’re moving soon, single socks can be used to protect table and chair legs. Otherwise, put them in the donate pile!

Dish Towels

Go through your kitchen drawers and linen closet to address the dishtowel situation. Ratty towels can be used to clean and shine hardwoods or for dirty home projects – simply toss after you’re done. If you already have a back stock of old towels, consider donating them to a local animal shelter.

Tidy nightstand in cozy traditional bedroom


Bring order to your nightstand in a few minutes. Stack books, dust your lamp, and recycle magazines you’ve already read. Bringing in a small dish for earrings and rings can help contain small items and keep the surface neat and organized.

Coffee Table

Head over to your coffee table and do a similar cleanup as your nightstand. Cull old magazines and put books away. Wipe off the coasters and switch out your table cover (if applicable). This area can likely be cleaned and organized in less than ten minutes!

Handbag and Wallet

Spring is a great time to go through handbags and wallets as the bustle of the holidays and the New Year might have taken its toll. Dig through old receipts and shred them if needed. Take out old gum wrappers and trash. Once your bag is empty from large items, give it a good shake upside down over the sink to get rid of lingering crumbs and debris.

Go through your wallet and take out gift cards and loyalty cards you no longer need or use. For coins, take them to the bank to switch them into bills. This will help your wallet feel lighter and thinner.

Food Storage Containers

Stop drowning in food storage containers and take care of it in fifteen minutes or less. Match up lids and bottoms and see what’s left. Donate ones that don’t have a match. Place them back into cabinets or on shelves neatly to make it easy to grab and go. Custom laundry cabinetry Denver

Laundry Supplies and Cleaners

Tend to the cleaning areas in your home. Check supplies and consolidate where possible. For detergents and cleaners that you don’t use, donate them to food shelters or friends.

Starting small is a great way to clean and organize your home. Stop by our Longmont showroom to see how we can help you make the most of your home. Closet & Storage Concepts is your local custom home storage expert in the Denver-metro area.

Photo credits: [1] © Kari Hoglund, [2] © Kwanchai_Khammuean.