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Staying Productive In Your Home Office

Custom desk and office cabinets - Denver, CO

Custom desk and office cabinets - Denver, CO

With each passing year, it’s becoming more and more common for companies to allow employees to work from home on a regular or full-time basis. Not to mention, many small businesses will start from the relative comfort of one’s own home until it can grow into a space of its own. 

Working from home can be a rewarding and productive endeavor, but only if you manage to stay focused and on task. If you work from home regularly (or would like to start), here are some handy tips from the experts at Closet & Storage Concepts Colorado to keep in mind that will help lead you to a more productive work day!

Establish a Schedule

When you work from home regularly, it’s important to establish a daily routine that you can adhere to. It doesn’t have to mimic the daily work schedule of the shirt and tie crowd (after all, you left that behind for a reason), but it’s still important to self-regulate. If you like to work six hours in the morning or early afternoon and squeeze in two hours before bed then be sure to stick to it. The biggest problem facing full-time telecommuters is that they don’t understand the importance of beginning the day promptly and calling it a day when work time is done. If your home is your office, then it can be easy to let your workdays bleed into your evening personal time, and before long all work-life balance is gone.

Pass on Pajamas

It seems like the dream of any 9-to-5’er: wake up in your pajamas, lumber over to your desk and start working. A 15-second commute! The ultimate freedom! Unfortunately, it’s not that simple, and you will be infinitely more productive if you take the time to establish a morning routine. Taking a shower and getting clean will get your mind moving so you can hit the ground running when you do finally sit down at your desk. Consider your lack of a commute as a time to eat the breakfast you always used to skip or a time to go on a run to make up for the fact that you don’t have to walk anywhere all day. Working from home can be a blessing, but only if you take advantage of the time that used to make up your commute and put it to good use.

Carve Out a Dedicated Workspace

Much like establishing a daily routine, it is also important to establish a workspace in your home that is uniquely your own. Not everyone has the luxury of being able to turn an entire room into a home office, but you can always take a corner of a room and reserve it for work. By establishing this space as a “work zone” you will be able to compartmentalize and walk away from work at the end of the day to enjoy the rest of your home. This is where Closet & Storage Concepts of Colorado can help. Whether you need custom shelves or new drawers, we are your customized office storage experts. Get started today! We would love to help you conquer your workspace clutter!