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Storage For Book Lovers

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Book storage behind desk setup

Did you know that a library is considered a collection of 1,000 books or more? Even if we don’t come close to having a library, books can slowly start taking over our space. You won’t have to get rid of your favorite titles if you properly organize and display them. Let’s review the best storage options for books

Corner Cabinets

For smaller spaces, corner cabinets may be the ideal storage for books. You can choose between a round edge to soften your surroundings or a straight edge to complement your books. Either way, you can prop books vertically or stack them for variety.

Closet Libraries

Some serious collectors and art lovers can have multiple covers and editions of the same books. If this applies to you and you only want to show off your favorite edition, consider putting the rest in a book closet. Imagine a linen or coat closet but for books! This space can help you keep organized, helps light-control, and lets you 

Glass Wall Units

If you are torn between a beautiful shelf display and giving your books as much protection as possible, choose glass case wall units. This storage piece for books meaningfully styles your room and makes it feel more put together.

Library Murphy Bed

If you prefer, your books can be the stars of the show in your bedroom. Library Murphy beds impressively feature two sliding open cabinets that adorn your bed for a cozy reading night. Tuck away the bed and slide the cabinets together to create a large, magnificent bookcase.

High Wall Units

If you like a classic option, high-wall units are for you. Featuring adjustable shelves, you can organize your collection by height. You can also keep them all the same. We love the classics! If your idea of the perfect library is a warm wood, cozy space, we can make it happen. Even if you want a more modern feeling, we can help you find the best options.

Where To Find The Perfect Book Storage:

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