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Storing Sports Equipment

If you lead an active lifestyle or your kids play sports, you probably have lots of sports equipment lying around the house. Ask yourself how well your equipment is organized. Is it easy for everyone in your household to find what they need or do you often have to tear apart the garage and dig through multiple closets? If you need a better system to stay organized, check out our sports equipment storage ideas below.

Shelf for sports equipment storage

Slatwall Storage

Slatwall panels are a great way to maximize storage space in your garage. It’s hard to lose items that are stored on a slatwall because everything is out in the open. Add racks and hooks for storing all kinds of sports equipment, including bicycles, tennis rackets, skis, fishing rods, and even surf boards and kayaks. For items you can’t hang like balls, you can store them in a mesh bag and hang from a hook or you can add bins to the slatwall.

Custom Shelves 

Creating a custom case of shelves for your sports gear is another great option, whether it’s for the garage, the mudroom, or a closet. Plan out how you want to store your equipment in advance and have your shelves designed to be exactly the right sizes for your items. You can incorporate bins and hooks as much as is needed. It often works well to divide the shelf by family member and activity, so everyone knows where to go when they need their equipment for soccer practice, golf, or ice skating.

Bedroom Closet Storage

If you want to store your sports gear in a bedroom closet, you should find ways to keep it separate from the rest of your items so it’s easy to locate. Again, custom shelves are a great option. You can also add bins, baskets, or hooks just for sports storage depending on your items and your needs. If adding storage solutions for your sports gear creates a problem with storing your other items, consider space saving options like double hang areas, adjustable shelving, and shoe racks.

If you’re interested in learning more about storage options for your sports gear, Closet & Storage Concepts of Colorado is here to help you find the perfect solution for your needs. Contact us today to get started!