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How To Properly Organize Keepsakes

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Organizing keepsakes denver colorado

Organizing keepsakes denver colorado

We are all familiar with the boxes of nostalgia that we hold onto for years and can’t bring ourselves to throw away. We are also all familiar with the articles telling us an important part of decluttering is getting rid of these items to make space. However, the team at Closet & Storage Concepts Denver understands that it’s no easy task to part with knick-knacks and mementos passed down to you or are significant to you in some way. We are here to help you find an organized and efficient way to store these items without taking over your precious storage space.  

  • Repurpose

An item that may have a minor flaw shouldn’t have to be thrown out. If you can still use and find a purpose for an item, even if it isn’t in the way it was originally intended for, it’s fair to keep an item. One example is to use a teapot that may have a crack on the lid. The teapot from grandma can still be used to store short flowers. It’s a great way to keep the spirit of the person around and give the item a new purpose – not to mention you’ll have a unique piece of décor sure to get compliments! 

  • Prioritize

While we aren’t suggesting you purge every item, it is a good idea to make sure everything you have is meaningful to you. Go through your collection and create piles of items based on if you’ll never toss them, aren’t ready to part with them, or could donate them.

Organize based on the type of memory or item, such as baby clothes and toys, or precious family heirlooms. Keeping items contained in organized boxes with a connecting theme will help you keep track of everything. Lastly, the process of separating everything will prevent items from taking over your home and limit what you do keep.

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  • Reserve Some Space For More

Leave room in your box or bin in order to save any future items. By filling your keepsake box to the top today, you won’t have any space to store new pieces of memorabilia as time goes on, creating the same clutter problem we are in the process of solving! Use this point as reassurance that it’s okay to purge additional items today in order to be proactive in the future.

  • Sort and Share

Before donating items, be sure to sort and share them especially if you know of friend or family member that would cherish an item more than you. This is a great way to keep items in the family without you having to store all of them. Your home shouldn’t be the designated storage unit for your entire family.

Sorting and cleaning out all of your nostalgic items doesn’t have to be stressful. You’ll be on your way to creating storage space and a more organized home. Need help creating organizers for all of your pieces? Then it’s time to call in the professionals at Closet and Storage Concepts Denver! You’ll be glad you did. We proudly serve the greater Longmont, Boulder, Aurora, and Denver areas. 


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