Make Room for Life

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Designing a Modern Entertainment Center for Your Longmont Home 

modern media unit colorado

More time spent at home is a good opportunity to tackle some at-home projects you’ve been putting off. Maybe you notice your living area could use a little refreshing. Perhaps you never really did get rid of the hand-me-down furniture you received when you first moved in. An easy way to revamp your living room…

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Custom Entertainment Center For Your Family

A living room is a gathering point for your whole family. For this reason, it has to be able to accommodate all the activity to come. All too often we see homes with a simple tv stand that doesn't have room for you to organize the other central pieces of this room - sound systems,…

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Organizing Clutter-Prone Areas of the Home

Whether your home is oversized or could qualify for an episode of "Tiny Homes," chances are there are times when you struggle with space and organization. All homeowners have habits or family members that create clutter around the house. Fortunately, we can help you find a customized solution to tackle your problem areas and leave…

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Converting an Unused Bedroom to a Home Entertainment Room

Savvy homeowners know they have the ability to increase the value of their property above current market conditions by making improvements to their home. This means that with two similar house in the neighborhood, you can typically expect that one will go for a higher price if there have been some add-ons or major remodeling…

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Entertainment Center Organization Tips

If you feel overwhelmed in your living room because of cords and overall disorderliness, we’re here to help you. Closet & Storage Concepts of Colorado, serving the greater Longmont and Denver areas, helps customers get their homes organized with custom solutions for their closets, entertainment centers, and everything in between. Here are some ways to…

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Items to Throw Away Now

While many homes have junk drawers that serve as a catch-all for items that don’t have permanent storage spots, you want to avoid making turning your entire house into a junk drawer, by regularly clearing out useless clutter. Even if we don’t want to admit it, we probably have some item from this list hanging…

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Living Room Organization Tips

custom traditional media center Denver

The living room is the gathering place in many homes. Keeping it organized can be a challenge because it often serves many different functions, from a sitting room when guests come over to a TV/entertainment room. At Closet & Storage Concepts, our specialty is helping you keep your home organized, so we’ve put together a…

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Designing a Multi-Use Room

Contemporary custom closet Murphy bed

Many homeowners would love to have unlimited space in their home. Having enough rooms to accommodate a separate office, game room, media room, play room, guest room, and any other room you can think of would be an ideal situation. However, this usually isn’t reality for most people. When space is limited, making smart use…

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How to Sort your Movie Collection

Entertainment center with a few DVDs

Lights, camera, action! Watching movies is great fun, and it’s quite enjoyable to build a collection of movies you love seeing again and again. However, over time your collection can grow into an unmanageable size, making it hard to keep track of the movies you’d like to see. Today we’ll look at a method to…

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