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4 Ways to Organize Your Holiday Decorations

organizing holiday decorations

Are you ready for the holidays? Or are you dreading the preparations that lead up to them? If so, don't be, because Closet & Storage Concepts Colorado has some tips to help you change all that. Here are five exceptional ways to organize your holiday decorations. Create Like-Item Collections Bundling your holiday decorations into like…

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Designing a Home Office for Telecommuting

Custom home office Colorado

Telecommuting has become a very popular trend in recent years and even those who don't work permanently from home are still likely to take work home and need a space to be productive at nights or on weekends. An organized home office can help you maximize the benefits of telecommuting, and here at Closet & Storage…

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Why You Should Consider a Murphy Bed

If you're looking to increase the usable space in your home without a costly remodel, a Murphy bed offers a versatile solution. Patented in the early 1900s, Murphy beds have long offered a space-saving solution for homeowners who want to maximize square footage. Here at Closet & Storage Concepts Colorado, we provide sleek and modern custom Murphy bed options for…

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How to Prevent Water Damage on Shelves & Storage Systems

water stains on wood

Storage shelves and cupboards made using genuine hardwood are undoubtedly beautiful; however, they can also be easily damaged by water if you aren't careful. This could result in unsightly stains, warping, or even mold. Mold can affect clothes, papers, books, and other items you have in storage. Take proper care to prevent water damage to…

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5 Ways to Declutter to Prepare for Winter

Many people associate winter with hitting the slopes or settling in during cold days and evenings. Before the winter weather sets in, organize and declutter these areas (a task that you’ve likely been putting off). 1. Entryways and Mudrooms This area will be important to your family as they trudge in and out of the…

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Organizing & Storage Goals to Work Towards

Getting organized is a process. Here are just a few goals and tips to reach them from your local custom home storage experts at Closet & Storage Concepts. Closet That You Love Creating a wardrobe that makes it easy to stay organized is one goal to strive towards. Paring down the number of items in…

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5 Questions to Ask Before You Buy (or Store) An Item

Clutter is one of the key reasons why it is difficult to maintain a pristine home. After all of your hard work to clear out unnecessary items from your home, it’s smart to develop a plan to maintain your space. To stop clutter in its tracks, here are a few questions to consider asking yourself…

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