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4 Ways to Organize Your Holiday Decorations

organizing holiday decorations

Are you ready for the holidays? Or are you dreading the preparations that lead up to them? If so, don't be, because Closet & Storage Concepts Colorado has some tips to help you change all that. Here are five exceptional ways to organize your holiday decorations. Create Like-Item Collections Bundling your holiday decorations into like…

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How to Design a Home Office for Denver Telecommuters

Working from home in Denver can be a bit of a challenge at first. It may take some time to adjust to a new routine, especially if you're used to being in a more collaborative environment. Part of maximizing your time on the clock starts with having the right space. We understand that space in…

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Designing a Home Office for Telecommuting

Custom home office Colorado

Telecommuting has become a very popular trend in recent years and even those who don't work permanently from home are still likely to take work home and need a space to be productive at nights or on weekends. An organized home office can help you maximize the benefits of telecommuting, and here at Closet & Storage…

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Sporting Goods Storage Hacks

Garage storage cabinets Denver, CO

Sports and other physical activities are part of a healthy lifestyle, but when your bikes, skis, or tennis rackets start to clutter up your home, you may start to feel overwhelmed. Organization is part of a healthy lifestyle as well, and we at Closet & Storage Concepts Colorado can help you organize your sporting goods…

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Embracing Maximalism

Living room furniture maximal design

While many organizers and organization systems implore you to cut down on clutter there’s still a place for a maximalist outlook in a home. Here’s how to embrace maximalism in your home and prove that more is actually more. Treasure, don’t hoard. While many believe that maximalism is just a design aesthetic for hoarders, the…

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How to Save, Store, or Reuse Your Costumes

Halloween and scarecrow outdoor decorations

Halloween is a great time for kids and adults alike to dress up and take on their own alter ego, but once the festivities are over many people are often left wondering if they should toss or store their costumes. Here are some tips from Closet and Storage Concepts to help you save, store, or…

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