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The Decluttering Guide for Moving

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Taping up moving boxes

Taping up moving boxes

Many families choose to move in the summer to minimize disruptions, especially for children who are in school for the majority of the year. As the experts on clearing clutter and getting organized, our Closet & Storage Concepts Colorado team wanted to help by providing a guide to make your move as easy as possible.  If you’re moving to a new home this summer, take a look at our shortlist of the most important to-dos to tackle. 


Minimize the amount you need to pack by decluttering unwanted clothing. Donate items that you haven’t worn in years or that no longer fit. Be sure to go through your children’s’ clothes as well to see what can be donated. We recommend donating so you don’t have to plan a garage sale on top of moving, but do whatever you feel is best for you and your family.


Don’t bring furniture that won’t fit your new space. If you just purchased your first home, you may want a clean slate and decide it’s time to step away from the college hand me downs. Declutter furniture that is broken beyond repair, that can’t be repurposed, or that is too small or too big for your new space. Before buying new pieces for your home, make sure to take measurements and write them down. This will help you buy furniture that fits your new space properly.

Throwing away food and recyling


It doesn’t make a lot of sense to bring expired foods into your new home, so make sure to declutter your pantry before packing things up. Look at expiration dates and use your senses to help determine if items are past their prime. 

Holiday & Party Items

It’s easy to forget the garage or basement, as these areas tend to store gardening equipment, holiday decorations, and miscellaneous items. Go through and toss out holiday decorations that are broken or that you don’t use. From Halloween spider fluff that you used for your children’s party years ago to window clings of flowers, if you haven’t used it in the last couple of years and don’t run a party planning business, say goodbye to them. Reuse any storage bins that are now empty for other items you actually intend to move to your new home!

Medicine and Makeup

Moving is another great time to clear out items in your medicine cabinets. From expired medicines or makeup, don’t pack what can be tossed. Expired sunscreens, aspirin, or even half-broken hair ties should be tossed. As you’re packing, you can wrap bottles in plastic cling wrap to prevent spillage in transit. You can also put tape over some caps to help keep items sealed.

Drawer of filed papers office storage


Paperwork tends to accumulate after many years in a home. Go through and shred and recycle things that you don’t need to bring with you such as old bills that have already been paid, magazines, or expired coupons. Use junk mail newspapers and flyers to wrap delicate items like glasses, plates, and crystal wares.

When you find that you need more storage or just want something more appealing than what is in your new home, contact Closet & Storage Concepts! We can help you make you turn your new space into a forever home. Proudly serving the Denver-metro area including Boulder, Longmont, and Centennial.

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