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Things You Can Do Right Now to Improve Your Closet Organization

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closet organization Denver Colorado

closet organization Denver ColoradoOne of the biggest barriers for most people when it comes to closet reorganization is the investment of time: if you spend a couple of hours planning and prepping, and then you take two more hours to go out and shop for supplies, your day is already over before you can come home and finally get to work. Who has time for all that?

For all of you busy people out there who don’t have time to waste, the experts at Closet & Storage Concepts of Colorado are here with three quick, immediate things you can do to your closet right now in order to get it back on track. And the best part is, you don’t have to do them all at once. Do one each day, or each weekend – the trick to reorganizing successfully is to bite off small chunks and get the essential organizing tasks done gradually.

Throw Some Things Away

Okay, we know that in an ideal world you would take your junk somewhere to donate it, but the situation is urgent! The most important thing is to get bulky, useless, old items out of your house.

A good rule to follow is that if you haven’t used it in a year, it’s time to let it go. Of course, there will always be those sentimental objects that are hard to get rid of, but things like old technology, sporting equipment, tools, or clothes that are gathering dust should go. For more help, check out our article on other items to throw away right now.

Use the Mid-Low-High Organization Method

Okay, so you’ve gotten rid of a few things. Ready to do some actual organizing? The easiest thing you can do requires no special equipment or design savvy. It’s called the high-mid-low method: put the things you use most often at eye-level, the things you use less often lower to the floor, and the things you rarely use on the highest shelves. Having an organized closet is about creating foolproof systems so that clutter doesn’t accumulate over time – and this system is one of the better ones.

Get the Best Organization System for Your Closet

Of course, the best organization systems are the ones that are designed specifically for your space and habits – so contact Closet & Storage Concepts today to schedule a free consultation! We’ll help you find the perfect storage solutions for your needs and budget, whether it’s custom shelving, special closet accessories, or drawers designed especially for your belongings. Get started today!

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