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Tips For a Kids’ Shared Closet

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Kids' Shared Closet

The closet is a common source of disorganization in any bedroom. Working with a smaller space, or one shared between kids makes a closet all the more prone to becoming a disaster zone. Luckily, there are plenty of ways to remedy this issue. Check out these essential tips for long-term solutions that put an end to the closet chaos.

Start With The Basics

Not sure where to start? A good first step is to take inventory. Take everything out of the old closet and lay out the clothing items you’ll be working with while designing a new one. This is a great time to get rid of anything that’s no longer useful or worth hanging on to. It’s easy to let things we’ll never use again hang around in our closets. In the end, leftover items only contribute to clutter. Over the years, it’s important to revisit this process and address necessary changes as your kids get older. The contents of their closet change over time– so should the way it’s organized!

Divide The Space

In any shared space, there needs to be some sense of balance. A straightforward approach to this would be to simply divide the closet straight down the middle. But going half and half isn’t always the best solution. Divide the closet out in a way that’s fair, but also reasonable. Take into consideration things like the age and height of your children, or the actual space their respective belongings require. Installing custom features like adjustable shelving is a fantastic way to test out what works best for your kids and adapt as needed.

Custom Organization

From school days to practices and playdates, kids are always on the go. To keep up, they need a shared closet system that allows them to find, sort, and arrange items with ease. Custom solutions like slide-out mirrors and easy-access shoe racks are fantastic ways to achieve this. From basket organizers to pull-out hampers, custom touches can help build a closet that makes it easy for kids to share a space and keep organized.

Make the most of your space and set up your kids’ closet for easy, effective maintenance. To get started, contact Closet & Storage Concepts Colorado today for a free consultation with our design experts!