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Tips for an Organized Morning

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Waking up in the morning

We know mornings are hectic! With school buses to catch, meetings to attend, and pets to be fed, it can feel like you’ve run a marathon by the time mid-morning comes around. Our Denver team is here to share a few easy tips for streamlining and organizing your morning routine.

Be strategic with your storage

If you find yourself running back upstairs or back into the house multiple times each morning, you may need to evaluate where you’re storing things. Keep keys, wallets, and purses on hooks or in a basket right next to the door you use each morning. This will help eliminate wasted time while you try and remember where you last let your keys. Pack bags and backpacks the night before and store them all in one place. Coats and jackets should be kept on a coat near the front door rather than in individual family member’s rooms – that way, you can easily see if one of your children has forgotten their coat.

Have a routine in place

Establish a routine that you follow each morning. Not only will this streamline the time it takes to get out the door, but it will also help eliminate the chance of you forgetting something. For example, if you always put your lunch in your bag before eating breakfast, you’ll be less likely to leave it at home. This is especially important for families with children, where there are things like homework, projects, and permission slips to remember.

Choose your outfit the night before

valet rod custom closet accessory DenverOne of the biggest time-wasters in the morning is digging through your closet looking for a certain shirt or a matching sock, or trying on three different outfits before choosing one. Choose your outfit the night before to save time in the morning. Lay everything out, including socks, accessories, and shoes so it’s all ready for you the next morning. Go a step further and spend a day sorting through your wardrobe. Donate or throw away items that you don’t wear anymore so that the only clothes left in your wardrobe are ones that you will wear. Organize your closet by color or type of clothing to make it easier to find what you’re looking for. For example, hang all of your work shirts together and put all of your sweaters on one shelf.

If you need help creating a storage system for a streamlined morning, give us a call today! Serving all of Colorado, including Denver, Longmont, and Boulder, we offer free in-home consultations!

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