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Tips for Storing Holiday Decorations in Your Denver Home

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At the end of the holiday season comes the task of taking down decorations. Storing decorations that are only used once a year can sometimes feel like a waste of space, but it’s certainly more frugal and less wasteful than throwing out string lights and festive accents only to repurchase new ones the next holiday season. Below, we outline 3 some of the most common holiday decorative items and how to organize them when not in use.

String Lights

Storing holiday lights improperly can cause damage to both cords and bulbs. There’s nothing more frustrating than having an entire string of lights cease working only because of a single weak link! Using a string light storage reel alongside custom shelving, cabinetry, or cubbies for storage will keep lights in good condition. Adding additional storage to attics, basements, closets, and entryways can provide a safe place to store lights and more in a out-of-the-way spot.


Keeping ornaments safe and organized will prevent broken glass and make it easy to find the decorations you’re looking for. Using dividing drawers for ornaments is an excellent way to to keep them separated and organized by theme. While we often use custom felt- or velvet-lined drawers for jewelry or watches, this type of storage system can be easily customized to create a safe, organized drawer system for storing ornaments of any size.

Wrapping Paper

Don’t let unused wrapping paper go to waste or become crumpled in the corner of your closet. If the best part of your holiday is creating beautiful, stylishly wrapped presents, then you could benefit from custom craft room storage designed to store wrapping paper while also providing a workspace for wrapping presents. Adding custom storage to your craft room will also improve its functionality year-round.

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