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Tips to Consider when Designing Your Dream Walk-In Closet

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Custom Closet Colorado Island Accessories

Whether you’re beginning a new remodel or deciding to treat yourself, creating your own walk-in closet is an opportunity to design a space that shows off your most prized belongings, makes you excited to get dressed up, and expresses your personal style. To make the most of a new walk-in closet, here are some tips to consider when starting the design process.


Installing shelf lighting can make your walk-in closet feel luxurious while making it easier to see your items. Some closet sections that benefit from lighting are shelving dedicated to shoe collections and jewelry or tie displays. The additional lighting will ensure that sparkle and design accents are highlighted.

Custom walk-in closet lighting shoes accessories

Display Cases

Having display cases is a fun way to visualize your jewelry, ties, sunglasses, and belts. These are best incorporated into a walk-in closet by having an island drawer set so you can use glass displays for the top drawer. Place your most loved items in this top case so they are easily accessible and alternate with items you wish to wear more often to keep them in your line of sight when getting ready.

Wood Color

Due to the volume of wood you will be using for shelving, it’s important to consider what type of color theme you want and how it will look with your clothing. In order to prevent your walk-in closet from feeling heavy or dark, a lighter color, such as white or beige, is a great backdrop for your clothing and accessories.  

Custom Closet Colorado Island Accessories

Design Additions

If you are building your walk-in closet in a larger room, consider if you want this space to have additional uses. If you want to also make this your a beauty room, you can install lighted mirrors along one side of your wall with a counter for beauty and wellness products. Additionally, if you know that you will have friends come over and get ready with you, consider speakers or a TV so you can listen to music or watch a movie while you get ready.

Begin the Design Process

Create a fun, modern walk-in closet that meets your organizational needs today. Reach out to our design experts at your local Closet & Storage Concepts today!

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