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Tips to Organize Your Shoe Collection

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custom closet shoe storage Denver

custom closet shoe storage DenverThe right pair of shoes can transform an otherwise boring outfit, so it’s no surprise that footwear can get out of hand. From winter snow boots to summer sandals, you’re equipped for every occasion. The only problem? Your closet is a nightmare. You struggle to locate the right pair for the right occasion. Sadly, your haphazard storage approach has even damaged a few of your favorites. What’s a shoe obsessive to do?

Turns out, organizing your shoes doesn’t have to be scary. These simple tips and tricks will transform your storage space.

Sort and Donate

There’s nothing wrong with maintaining a sizable shoe collection, but chances are, at least a few pairs are too worn or uncomfortable for regular use. Before you organize your favorites, determine which pairs you’re least likely to wear. Depending on their condition, they can either be tossed, sold, or donated to charity. Still struggling? Consider rewarding yourself with a new pair for every three to five pairs your donate.

Organize By Category

You’ve successfully bid a handful of shoes adieu. Now, sort the remaining pairs in a manner that makes sense to you. For example, many shoe lovers sort based on the season. Perhaps boots take center stage during the winter, and a backseat when warm weather arrives. Other people prefer to organize based on the degree of formality; high heels with other high heels, sneakers with other pairs of sneakers. Others feel that color-based organization makes the most sense. 

Select a Storage System

Your shoes are sorted and organized. Now, you just need somewhere to store them. There are lots of options. Many shoe lovers favor cubbies, which keep each pair entirely separate. Cubbies are best if you only own a few pairs of shoes, but take excellent care of them.

Do you suffer from a complete lack of storage space? Cubbies might not be ideal. Instead, consider one of these ideas. 

If you’re obsessed with your shoes and want them all on display, angled shelves may be your best bet. Combined with toe kicks, this solution allows you to survey your full collection with a single glance. Floor to ceiling adjustable shelving can also help you utilize vertical space while giving you flexibility as your collection changes. 

Ultimately, the best shoe storage system works for you. What is ideal for one shoe lover could be a disaster for another. Aim for a customized solution that puts your favorites on display while providing easy access to the footwear you need.

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