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Transitioning Your Closet From Winter to Summer

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Have you put those bulky sweaters you wore all winter away yet? If not, then they’re taking up precious closet space that you need for your spring and summer clothes! It’s time to put them in storage so you can haul out your lighter wardrobe. When you think about how you want your closet to look, you may realize that a few fixes might go a long way. Allow the experts here at Closet & Storage Concepts Colorado to help! Our custom closet features can make it even easier to stay organized year-round and put all your clothes on display when you need them most. 

Custom Closet Designers DenverGo Through Winter Clothes Before Putting Them Away

Most people dread the prospect of going through their clothes to get rid of the things they no longer wear. However, this is the perfect time to get the job done! As you take out long-sleeves, bulky jackets, and scarves, think about each item. Did you wear it this winter? Have you worn it within the past year? If you haven’t worn it, you’re not likely to wear it next year. Start a pile of clothes you’d like to donate and add to it as you go through the rest of your closet. Not only do unused clothes clutter up your available space, but you’ll be sending it to a better home where it will get worn much more often! 

Pull-Out and Pull-Down Storage Solutions

Pull-down closet rods allow you to double your storage space because you can have clothing on multiple levels. You can use the pull-down rods to move seasonal clothing like pants, shirts, blouses, skirts around.

Cubbies for Bulky Storage

A closet storage system that features cubbies is ideal for storing sweaters and out of season shirts and tops. Choose cubbies that are deep enough to hold baskets or space bags. If you use baskets to store seasonal clothing in, you’ll be able to move those items around as needed with ease.

Custom Closet Features DenverHooks & Drawers for Accessories

The addition of hooks for small accessories like belts, scarves, and ties can free up space in drawers while making these items easy to see and grab. Within your closet, consider a set of drawers with a shallow top drawer for keeping delicate items like jewelry, watches, and sunglasses organized. 

Convenient Seasonal Shoe Storage

Add a shoe storage system that allows you to put in-season shoes that you wear all the time in a location where you have fast access to them. Arrange your shoes according to style, color, and other distinguishing characteristics, so you don’t have to spend time looking for the pair you want to wear every day.

A well-designed closet storage system will make it possible for you to make the seasonal wardrobe changes with little to no effort. Contact Closet & Storage Concepts in Denver to schedule a consultation and to learn about how we can turn your standard closet into the streamlined, organized, and stylish closet of your dreams.