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Types of Multifunctional Furniture Gaining in Popularity

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Denver Murphy bed with office system

Multifunctional furniture is not a new concept. It has been around for generations. Yet manufacturers have become more creative over the years as room sizes have decreased and people are downsizing their homes. When it comes to multifunctional furniture, not only can they give you extra room, they can help your home operate much more efficiently.

Furniture that Grows with the Family

A trend that has never gone out of style is multifunctional children’s furniture. Changing tables that turn into cribs and then later into toddler beds or small tables have allowed parents to keep their kids’ bedrooms more organized while being very economical. When children become older, they can then move up to more intricate pieces such as a study area with a desk and a wall bed.

Storage of All Shapes and Sizes

Custom hutch with ladder Denver, COAt Closet and Storage Concepts Denver, we are always keeping track of industry news to learn about the latest storage innovations while providing our clients custom storage solutions. Many multifunctional furniture innovations are designed to provide an extra place for storage without taking away space from the room. For example, Murphy beds come in many different configurations to maximize space. And hobby rooms utilize different drawer sizes and depths to keep things organized for different projects. We have even built stepladders affixed to bookcases for an elegant look without compromising on storage space. Slatted wall systems work well in a closet to keep necklaces from getting tangled, and you can’t go wrong when it’s installed in a garage to keep tools at hand.

Dining and Storage Combined

You may have a home that has a small walk-in or galley kitchen that doesn’t allow much room to sit and eat. Most multifunctional furniture designs have mainly focused on making bedrooms and living rooms more comfortable. Yet now people can find items to make kitchen spaces functional and convenient. You can find built-in storage benches to keep overflow containers or pots and pans and a comfy place to enjoy breakfast. Even more innovative are kitchen tables that are built to store chairs for extra seating.

Around for generations, drop leaf tables are gaining in popularity again. These tables have sides that can unhinge and hang down, making kitchen and dining room tables smaller to provide more room. When your family visits for dinner, you can lift the sides back up to create more eating places.

There are many ways to organize your home so that it provides your family with all the creature comforts. From multifunctional furniture to affordable custom storage solutions from Closet & Storage Concepts, your home can be designed to provide you with the space you need.