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Why NOT to do a Capsule Wardrobe

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In the past, we’ve advocated for capsule wardrobes because they can help people streamline their wardrobes. Capsule wardrobes also help reduce impulse buys and clutter in your closet. But they aren’t for everyone. We’ll discuss a few of theses reasons below. Keep on reading to find out more! Tshirt hanging on brick wall

  1. The Weather and Seasons

Although the weather can be amicable here in the Denver area, some days are mixed. There are sunny but cold days, and even stormy ones. Changes in weather are just one example of when it might not make sense to do a capsule wardrobe. Capsules often require you to have a set number of items in your wardrobe each season. Although this number can vary by person, it can be difficult to stick to when you need pieces that can work with different types of weather in a short period of time.

  1. You Need Extra Stuff

A capsule wardrobe may also not work if you simply need extra stuff for your lifestyle. For example, hiking, sportswear, and formal wear are often not factored into capsule wardrobes. This can cause a number of issues for people who participate in sports year round or need a lot of formal attire for work events. If you fit into this category, some people create different capsules for different parts of their life with the goal of minimizing the amount of stuff they own.

  1. Number Anxiety

Having to stick to a set of rules and a strict number of items in your wardrobe each season can cause major anxiety. If hearing the number thirty scares you, this may be reason enough to not do a capsule wardrobe. Although some people are more flexible with how many pieces they own, being strict can also be stressful if this simply doesn’t fit your personality. This can be especially true for individuals who work in fashion or have a passion for it or even for people who simply like having options. When you constrict your wardrobe in a way that goes against your personality, it can be hard to stick to and end badly.

  1. You Have Space

The final reason to not do a capsule wardrobe is simply if you have the space! If you have the luxury to create a master walk-in closet (or even two), why not go for it? Having ample amount of space to store items can be a reason to stick to what you’re doing.

No matter what approach you take to building your wardrobe and finding your style, Closet & Storage Concepts is here to help you store everything beautifully and efficiently. Give our local Denver designers a call to explore your design options. You can also learn more about some of our solutions by reading about our closet design process.

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