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Why You Need A Bookcase Murphy Bed

Why You Need A Bookcase Murphy Bed

In need of a new storage solution for your bedroom, guest room, or kid’s room? Consider integrating a bookcase Murphy bed! Bookcase beds are a great way to display and organize your books and other decor pieces. Murphy beds are also a perfect way to create more space in a room when the bed is not in use. Closet & Storage Concepts of Colorado has a variety of bookcase Murphy beds easily customized to your needs.

Storage and Space

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Murphy beds offer an excellent solution for small rooms, rooms with clutter, or multi-purpose rooms. Murphy beds with built-in bookcase style storage are a great way to save space in small rooms. Not only can you store books and other belongings, the space saving abilities Murphy beds provide when not in use is very practical. For multi-purpose rooms, like a guest room that also functions as a craft room, bookcase Murphy beds are an excellent choice. You have the option to store craft supplies and tuck the guest bed away when not in use, in one furniture piece.

Organization and Display

In addition to storage solutions, bookcase Murphy beds are a great way to get a room organized. The built-in storage Murphy beds provide you with many different organization options, making it easy to organize your belongings. With customizable shelf arrangements offered by Closet & Storage Concepts, you can display collectables, books, decor, and more in just the way you want them!

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Closet & Storage Concepts Murphy beds are customizable to meet your every need. From bed size to shelf arrangement, you have the ability to create your perfect storage solution. From guest rooms, to your own bedroom, having a bookcase Murphy bed can ease organization and storage stress or issues. Murphy beds are also a great option for kids rooms, too. With the ability to tuck them away when not in use, kids can have the whole room to play.

No matter the room, bookcase Murphy beds are a great option. With customizable options, you can display and store books, decor, and more. Contact Closet & Storage Concepts today for a consultation with a local designer to get started creating your Murphy bed!

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