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Why You Should Consider a Murphy Bed

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Custom Murphy Bed Closet & Storage Concepts Colorado

If you’re looking to increase the usable space in your home without a costly remodel, a Murphy bed offers a versatile solution. Patented in the early 1900sMurphy beds have long offered a space-saving solution for homeowners who want to maximize square footage. Here at Closet & Storage Concepts Colorado, we provide sleek and modern custom Murphy bed options for homeowners and families across the greater Denver area. Allow us to introduce you to the benefits of a Murphy bed! 

Custom Murphy Bed Closet & Storage Concepts ColoradoEasy to Use

Murphy beds fold up neatly into a wall cabinet when not in use. That’s why many people refer to them as “wall beds.” The hideaway design allows you to make the most of your home’s space by using a room for multiple purposes. With a Murphy bed in place, an extra bedroom can double as a craft room, exercise room, or play room but easily be made ready for guests when needed. You can also incorporate a desk into the design of the wall bed, allowing your guest room to double as a home office. It is a simple and efficient way to transform your space into a multipurpose room. 


From modern to traditional to utilitarian, Murphy beds come in a wide variety of styles to perfectly match your home’s decor. We carry customizable looks for every home whether you want clean, white panels, modern gray cabinets, or rich wood tones. 

Extra Storage

Thanks to the hideaway design, no one will know a bed is hidden behind the attractive cabinet or shelf on the wall. Instead, your Murphy bed will serve as an attractive place to store books, display knick-knacks or stash toys until you need to pull the bed down. Then, it’s as easy as sliding the bed to ground level. Best of all, standard-size mattresses will fit the bed so there’s no need to buy a specialty mattress!

Custom Murphy Bed Closet & Storage Concepts ColoradoFor All Sizes

Murphy beds come an variety of sizes to meet your needs. From a twin to king, wall beds save space and add functionality to your home. We are familiar with homeowners being concerned about the comfort of a Murphy bed, but rest assured that we have a selection of mattresses made specifically for the unique vertical storage requirement. Your mattress won’t be damaged or folded when stowed and it will stay clean, fresh and ready when overnight guests arrive. You can even keep linens in place so you’re ready for unexpected guests!

Get Started in Colorado Today

Closet & Storage Concepts Colorado can customize a Murphy bed for your home, giving you as much versatility and storage you need. Our dedicated team of experts will help you design a Murphy bed system that works for your home’s unique needs. Schedule a free, in-home consultation today and start making the most of your space!