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How to De-Clutter Your Closet

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Stop thinking of your closet simply as a door you shut and a mess you can easily forget about – a messy closet can be just as stressful and off-putting as a messy bedroom or messy office. Here are some tips that will help you get your cluttered closet in order.
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Proper Lighting is Key

Whether you have a large walk-in or a small reach-in, your closet needs a little light. When you can see everything clearly, you are more likely to take the time to keep the closet looking nice. A walk-in can feel like a cave if it isn’t well-lit, and a reach-in closet can feel like a hole you throw clothes into without good lighting. If your closet doesn’t have a built-in overhead light, you can affix lights to the walls for quick lighting in a pinch.

Don’t be Afraid to Part with Things

One of the biggest reasons for clutter is keeping things around too long. If you go a few months without even thinking about wearing something, give it some good hard thought. If you wouldn’t put it on and wear it tomorrow (weather permitting), it’s probably not worth keeping around. Sell it or donate it, just be sure to clear it out. Go through and purge your closet 3-4 times per year to be sure that you aren’t just taking up space storing things that will never come out of the closet and spend any time in the real world. Another great tip for clearing out the clutter of old clothing is every time you buy something new for yourself, get rid of something old that you don’t wear anymore. This will keep your closet from bursting at the seams with each successive shopping spree. One last tip is to keep a basket/bin/box in your closet as a designated space for things you intend to give away. As you realize that you never wear a certain item, add it to the giveaway basket. Every 3-6 months (or whenever the basket starts getting full), take the items and sell/donate them. The time that elapses with the items sitting in the giveaway basket and not hanging in your closet will give you a good chance to decide if you made a mistake. These closet clutter tips are winners and will definitely help you eliminate the mess in your closet.

Get a System (This Is Where Closet & Storage Concepts Can Help)

You can add lighting and establish habits of eliminating old clothing from your closet, but without a proper organizational system in place your closet is always likely to revert back into a state of disarray. Not all closets are created equal, and at Closet & Storage Concepts of Nevada we specialize in going above and beyond to create custom solutions for your space. Give us a call today and find out how we can help improve the state of your closets!