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Garage Storage Tips

It seems inevitable that between your workbench and finding a place to park a car, garage space is always at a premium and never easy to come by. In the summer, when the garage becomes a place to work AND play, there is even more pressure to find creative ways to store things to ensure your family has all the space it needs. If this sounds familiar, here are a few tips that will help you as you try to get the most out of your garage.

Hang Things on the Wall!

In your garage, the thing that is going to take up the most space is likely your car. With that in mind, floor space is going to be limited, so the goal here is to get creative and figure out ways to store things while taking up minimal space. This is why hanging things on the walls can be such a lifesaver in the garage. First of all, hanging things on garage walls is less of a concern than elsewhere because preserving your garage walls is typically a lower priority, aesthetically speaking. Bikes can be hung very easily from walls or the ceiling, keeping them out of the way but still accessible whenever needed.

Use Folding or Rolling Tables

Not every garage has a built-in workbench and not every homeowner has a need for a workbench in the garage. One great solution when you don’t have (or don’t need) a permanent workbench in the garage is to utilize folding or rolling tables in the garage. These allow you to have a workspace for projects when needed, but then clear the area and fold the table up when you don’t. Roll away folding tables can be rolled up against a wall when not in use, and standard folding tables can be stored flush against a wall for easy access. While this solution isn’t for everyone, it can certainly save a ton of space for people who only occasionally work in the garage!

Tools Don’t Need To Go In Toolboxes

There is the common misconception that tools must go in toolboxes, and those toolboxes generally spend time sitting on the floor of the garage. The reality is that most people who only use tools for chores around the house don’t need a portable carrying case for all of their tools all the time. A much more space-efficient solution for tools is to use drawers and shelves to keep things neatly stowed away. If you do use drawers, be sure to clearly label things from the outside. Whether you forget where something is or someone else needs to use your workspace, you will be glad down the road that you took the time to label things clearly. For larger tools, hanging them on the wall using pegboard or hooks is a great solution that saves valuable floor and tabletop space while allowing you to display your toys for all to see.

Shelves and Cabinets Are a Must

We have talked about a lot of small tips to help keep your garage in order, but the most important thing for any garage is a good shelving and cabinet system. This is where Closet & Storage Concepts of Nevada can come in to save the day. Our experts can help you find the perfect custom storage solution that will look great in your garage, so give us a call today!