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The Do’s and Don’ts of Closet Organization

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Here at Closet & Storage Concepts Nevada, we consider closet organization to be very serious business. Helping our clients craft clean, organized closets is a passion of ours, and over the year we’ve built some pretty surefire “do’s” and “don’ts” that you can use when it comes to closet organization

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Don’t: Freak Out

Tackling a messy closet can often feel like a monumental task, and this is why it is so often put off far longer than it should be. The truth is, closet reorganization will eventually save you more time than you could have ever imagined if you just put your mind to it. Just don’t freak out! You aren’t the first person to tackle a messy closet and you certainly won’t be the last. The best way to approaching a project like a closet overhaul is to stay organized and make a plan even before you start. Designate boxes with labels like “Keep” “Donate” and “Storage”. Using bins for smaller accessories or long-lost items that have wandered to your closet will keep you from losing them in the shuffle of the big boxes. Breathe, make a plan, and you’ll be set.

Do: Track Your Progress

A big closet reorganization will often have multiple steps that go into it. First, you’ll have to pull everything out and decide what to keep. Then you’ll want to establish a more intuitive organizational system and start putting things back in the closet. Throughout this, from start-to-finish, you’ll want to track your progress. Take a “before” picture, it will help you remind yourself how bad it was and of the pitfalls you want to make sure to avoid this time around. You’ve got this!

Don’t: Get Sentimental

This one is tough, and we are not advocating that anyone start throwing away priceless heirlooms or donating family keepsakes to save a little space in the closet, but we do think it is important to avoid being overly sentimental in the process. If you really had a lot of fun on your college intramural soccer team, that’s great. But if you’re never going to wear the jersey again (not even to the gym!) and it has basically become a dust receptacle, it may be time to let it go. Use the opportunity to donate clothes you don’t use anymore to someone who will likely enjoy it much more!

Do: Call Closet & Storage Concepts For Help

This is the easy part. If you’re feeling like your closet reorganization is just too much to handle, a custom closet solution from Closet & Storage Concepts of Las Vegas may be exactly what you need. We can help you customize your closet to fit your needs so that every single item will have a place. We will build a closet that gives you the hanging, folding, and storage space you need to stay organized! Give us a call today to talk to an expert and schedule a design consultation! Once you have a custom closet solution, keeping it tidy will be a piece of cake. We proudly serve the greater Las Vegas area!


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