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3 Luxurious Custom Closet Design Ideas

Custom Luxury Closet Las Vegas Walk In Closet


Custom Luxury Closet Las Vegas Walk In ClosetDeciding you want to have your new custom closet designed and installed by Closet & Storage Concepts Nevada is a great first step on your journey to closet and storage satisfaction. However, the next step of deciding what it is you actually want out of your closet can be a challenge. That’s where we will step in and guide you. We put together a list of some great potential design ideas that will make your custom closet into more than just a storage space.

Install a Closet Island

You see them all the time in kitchens, so why not in your new closet? Closet islands are the ultimate in luxury. They will give you more storage space, where you can keep shoes or use it as a dresser. Try going for something grand, like a marble countertop, or keep it useful and interesting by making the top clear glass, covering your jewelry for easy access, display, and storage. You can turn your custom closet’s island into a center piece, making it pop as the visual focal point of the room. Because we design everything in your new custom closet, we can ensure that you won’t have to worry about your dresser not matching the rest of your furniture. Your closet island will be made perfectly to fit with the rest of your closet.

Get Creative with Lighting

Any custom closet worth its salt will certainly have lighting, but a truly exceptional closet designed by Closet and Storage Concepts of Las Vegas will have lighting that acts as a statement as well as being functional. Try something dramatic like a chandelier, which can hang over your closet island and enhances the sense of luxury and glamour your custom closet will exude. Recessed lighting is great for places where you’re trying to make the most of your closet space, as it takes up very little room while still looking sleek and modern. Track lighting in your closet is a great way to turn a shoe wall into a gallery wall, show casing your Manolos as the art pieces that they are.

Have a Sitting Area

If you can make it work with the space at hand, try adding a small sitting area to your custom closet. Coming home from work and changing out of your business clothes and into comfortable, at-home wear is one of life’s simple pleasures, and this relaxing, end of the day experience will be enhanced by having a place to sit down immediately after donning your soft, clean, sweat pants. Keep a book or magazine on hand and you can turn it into your own personal hideaway. You don’t need a full arm-chair if you don’t have space for it. Even a simple bench is a great way to incorporate seating into your custom closet.

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