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5 Breathtaking Celebrity Closets

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It’s no secret that celebrities live very different lives than the rest of us, with much more extensive funds and greater access to luxury. So the team here at Closet and Storage Concepts of Las Vegas, Nevada decided to take a look at the fabulous closets of the rich and famous.

Nanette Lepore Channels Versaille 

Nanette Lepore is a New York City based fashion designer who brings her feminine and gypsy-like style to this luxury closet located in her Manhattan townhome. Channeling the decadent opulence of Versaille’s Hall of Mirrors, Lepore’s closet wouldn’t look out of place in the lavish and historical French palace. Dripping with glamour, the dressing room features velvet upholstery, mirrored furniture, and chandeliers dripping with crystals, not to mentions lush paintings in ornate golden frames, a Chinese-inspired Art Deco area rug, and, of course, oodles of designer clothes.

Mariah Carey’s Fabulous Shoe Wall

Mariah Carey may have multiple Grammys, but the true gold can be found not in her trophy case, but in her breathtaking shoe closet. Claiming that she has over 1000 pairs, Mariah’s walls are lined with golden, designer stilettos. This glorious closet also features crystal draped chandeliers and upholstered pink furniture, as well as bleached wood and gold-leaf floors that would put most mansion entry ways to shame. In fact, Mariah’s closet is bigger than most people’s living rooms!

Christina Aguilera’s Pink Palace

Many little girls dream of having a perfect pink closet, and if they could get a glimpse at Xtina’s luscious shoe storage, they would probably spend more time planning their future closet than future wedding. Keeping consistent with the other fabulous closets on this list, Christina’s closet features a glittering chandelier, although this one is done in crimson hues. Christina’s closet does double duty as a boudoir, with leopard print carpet and red velvet curtains, as well as a ladder simply to reach the upper levels of her shoe wall. Grouped by designer, Christina’s shoe collection could easily give Mariah’s a run for its money. Time for a diva closet-off!

Ralph Lauren Embraces Classical Masculinity

For a change of pace from the rampant femininity of the previous closets on this list, Ralph Lauren’s custom closet is a testament to the opulent aesthetic of masculine interiors. Featuring, rich dark wood, forest green walls, and beautiful brown leather, you won’t find a crystal-dripping chandelier in this closet. The mirrors and mood lighting give this closet the feel of a classic men’s club. You only need a smoking jacket, a pipe, and a snifter of brandy to complete the look.

Elton John’s Sunglasses Closet 

To close this list we give you a closet so specialized, we’d lay money that it’s the only one of its kind in the world. Elton John (who else?) happens to have his very own closet devoted solely to his sunglasses. With the most dazzling array of designer sunglasses you can imagine, Elton’s closet is more filled with sunglasses than most sunglass stores. But as someone who’s persona revolves around this one pivotal accessory, who’s to blame him?


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