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6 Ways to Repurpose Old Hangers

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Plain wood hanger

Maybe you’ve done a massive clean out and have too many hangers, or you’ve upgraded to felt space-savings hangers after remodeling your closet. For whatever reason you might have extra hangers lying around, we’ve got you covered at Closet and Storage Concepts of Henderson and Las Vegas, Nevada. We’ll help you to put those hangers to use in a unique and fun way!


  1. Jewelry Hangers

Simply add tiny cup hooks to the bottom of an old wood hanger and you’ve got a great way to store your earrings. They can be hooked with other hangers to accommodate your space and needs, no matter how many pairs of earrings you may have.

  1. Scarf Storage


Simply add plastic shower rings along the bottom of your hanger, loop scarves through, and you’ve created a scarf storage solution. The hanger means you can stick it back in your closet or hang it on a hook behind your door, or anywhere really.


  1. Towel Bar


Turn that hanger upside down. Then screw it into the wall and your old hanger just turned into one of the coolest towel bars. It perfectly pulls double duty, as the top bar can house hand towels and washcloths while the hook is great for large bath towels.


  1. Ribbon Holder


For all you craft fans, this one’s for you. Create an easy dispenser system with wire hangers. Just untwist the hanger to slip on the spools of ribbon along the pant rod, and then re-twist your hanger. You can have separate hangers organized by color to make finding the ribbon you need a breeze. This is a great resource to use to eliminate fumbling with ends of ribbons that lead to nowhere.

  1. Hang Shoes

This one is mainly for flip-flops or sandals. While we’ve seen a few different ways for you to accomplish this, the easiest is finding your plastic hangers with grooves on the sides meant to keep straps in place. Simply put the straps that go between your toes into this groove, one shoe on each side. Alternatively, you can use wire hangers although you might have to cut part of the wire and turn it to get a grooved shape.

  1. Holder/Rack

Hook an old hanger by the toilet in the bathroom and pull some reading materials (like magazines or newspapers) through the pant rod in order to create a budget friendly, space-saving magazine holder. This also makes a great alternative as a magazine rack. Just connect a few hangers together and hang and from the wall or ceiling to create an interesting shelf idea.


The pant rod would also be great to hold other items like sunglasses or ties. Who knew a hanger could be so versatile?


So before you throw out the hangers consider using them to help around your home. Organization is always in style, and it’s never too late to let us help you!