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The Dos and Don’ts of Shed Organization

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Wood shed with small window

Any homeowner will know that the storage shed is one of the most undervalued but incredibly useful parts of your property. But it’s easy to let your shed get out of control, since its only purpose is to hold the things that you rarely use. Having a well-organized shed will make a world of difference in the ease with which you can accomplish home improvements. So with that in mind, here are the Dos and Don’ts of shed organization, from the experts at Closet and Storage Concepts of Las Vegas, Nevada!


When it comes to shed organization, the don’ts are incredibly important, because sheds often hold dangerous chemicals and substances. So keeping everything not only organized, but safely stored, is of the utmost importance. Firstly, don’t store paint in your shed. The fluctuations in temperature over time will leave it unusable. Paint is better stored in dry places with low temperatures, like basements or closets indoors. Not only should paint be properly stored, it should be properly disposed of. For old paint, contact a recycling agency for advice on how to properly and safely dispose of it. Another thing that you should store indoors is pet food. Otherwise having bags of Fido’s chow hanging around will be likely to attract critters that are less cute. Unless you want raccoons thinking of your shed as a snack bar, keep the pet food inside. There is a similar problem attached to keeping paper products such as napkins or paper plates for barbecues outside. These will attract bugs the way that pet food will attract rodents.


Now that you’ve ensured that everything in your shed will be safe and stored properly, you can move on to the dos of shed organization, which are much more fun anyways! Do go for pegboard on the walls. This will enable you to hang all of your tools, keeping them easily accessible and close at hand, saving space on shelves and in bins, and making for easy visual organization. You can hang everything from power tools to hand tools, hoses to sprinklers, and paintbrushes to gardening shears on pegboard. You can paint the pegboards to make the fun and bright, while organizing zones for tools based on color. Do make use of other wall storage as well. Upright wall storage of rakes, shovels, hoes, and brooms will keep them out of the way and make room for things that need more floor space. Long-handled tools being stored vertically simply makes sense! Do make use of overhead space. You can add racks above to keep infrequently used items out of the way. This is a good spot for items such as ladders, or seasonal sports equipment. Do have places to store small items. Repurpose mason jars in order to keep track of small metal items such as screws, bolts, nails, and other bits of hardware. Try storing seed packets in an over the door shoe organizer. Do take advantage of shelving. The more the merrier! Surface area will always be at a premium in storage areas. Do have a workspace, even if it’s just a simple potting bench. It will make it easier to work even when the weather’s bad.  And overall, do get creative! Organization doesn’t have to be onerous. Have fun with this project. Storage spaces should be welcoming.


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