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New Year’s Resolutions that Will Keep You Organized

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With 2015 just around the corner, we’re coming up on that hopeful time of year when people make commitments to themselves about how they’re going to change their lives for the better. Whether that means losing weight by eating better or working out, ditching a detrimental habit, or recommitting to your career or family, most people have some aspect of their life that they want to improve upon, and what better time to start that January 1st? While New Year’s resolutions are notoriously unreliable, that doesn’t mean that yours has to be. Your resolution is only as strong as your will, and if you follow through on any of these life-improving organizational resolutions, you’ll find that 2015 will be your most organized and stress-free year ever!

“I will set up and follow a weekly cleaning schedule.”

Let’s get the least fun resolutions out of the way first. No one likes cleaning, and it’s that chore that no one notices unless you don’t do it. But having a clean home can drastically improve your quality of life. And by setting a weekly cleaning plan to follow, you’ll establish habits which will become hard to break, and ensure that you’re home is always in the best possible condition. Establish when you’ll do certain chores and how often they need to be done, from the daily activities of wiping down counters and sweeping the kitchen, to the weekly tasks like laundry and cleaning the bathroom. Set up chore lists for each family member and you’ll cut down on your own workload as well.

“I will streamline my stuff to cut down on clutter”

in 2015, resolve to ditch your packrat ways by taking some time to go through all your old possessions and determine how many of them you really need. For the things that you don’t use or like, donate them to people who would actually appreciate them. Get rid of those tacky bell-bottoms that are never coming back into style, and finally recycle all those magazines you’ve already read. Streamlining your stuff will make cutting through the clutter an easy task, and it will make your first resolution, keeping clean, that much easier.

“I will be mindful of my time”

This resolution will help all aspects of your life, because one of the areas in which organization matters most, is in your time. If you take the time to plan ahead and carefully follow the schedules that you set for yourself, you’ll find that you’re a perfectly punctual person in nearly no time. Try and think about what is worthy of your time, and prioritize in order to make sure that everything you need to do gets done. And try and give yourself some free time as well. Being diligent about your commitments and your schedule means that when you do have time off, there’s nothing hanging over your head.

Stick to these resolutions going forward into 2015, and you’ll find your quality of life will rise, along with your peace of mind. For more organizing goodness, visit Closet and Storage Concepts of Las Vegas, Nevada today!