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Reusing Holiday Wrapping for Storage

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Make your New Year’s resolution be to go green this year! Before you pack up the decorations and start prepping for the New Year, be sure to check these tips from Closet and Storage Concepts of Las Vegas for how you can reuse some of that holiday waste for storage and organization purposes!

Gift Wrap and Tissue Paper

Before you recycle the wrapping or tissue paper you may have accumulated from receiving gifts this year, think about all of the ways that you can reuse these items for your holiday storage! One of the first ways is as protection for your delicate ornaments or tree topper, especially if you don’t have the original packaging for these items. Ornaments can be wrapped before they’re put into boxes with dividers.

Gift bags are also great storage tools. Use the bags to remove items especially if you follow a one-in-one-out policy. If you received a nice sweater, maybe it’s time to say good bye to an old moth eaten one. Using them as you make your way to your local thrift shop will also help to reduce the clutter build up. If the bag is still in nice condition, you could always reuse it for another gift, or if it’s big enough, for garlands or other decorations around your home.

Try using empty wrapping paper rolls to protect candles. Simply insert one or a few, depending on the diameter of the tube, after wrapping them in tissue paper. They can then safely be put into a storage container.

Popcorn Tins and Chocolate Boxes

Use old chocolate boxes to house ornament hooks and tops, or even spare ribbon pieces. Be sure to label it to make it easy to find what you need the next time.

Those popcorn tins can have an extended life even once the popcorn is gone. They can hold ornaments, especially the sturdier ones, or act as a spool for your Christmas lights. Put extension cords and spare bulbs inside the tin, and wrap the lights around the outside of the tin before it’s put into a bigger box. You could always sort and store ribbons in the tin as well.

You could also try repurposing and DIYing old cookie tins to create portable wrapping stations. Wrapping paper will go into the bucket. Just attach a handle and pouches along the outside for scissors, tape, ribbons, and markers and where the bucket goes, the wrapping goes with it!

Garment Bags

If you bought a special dress or suit for a holiday party, then you can use the garment bag for your holiday decorations as well. You can use them to store your wrapping paper and ribbons, or try fabrics like a tree skirt or table runners. Since they hang, they do not take up a lot of space compared to if they were in a box. They also slide easily underneath a bed, if you want to use this trick for your other more general wrapping papers that you use throughout the year. Before you put your tree skirt or any other holiday fabrics you may have used into storage, be sure to give them a good clean and then maybe put them into a vacuum sealable bag to add extra protection against moths and mold.

Whether you need a holiday storage solution, or just one for every day life, Closet and Storage Concepts is your local organization expert! Give us a call today, or drop by our showroom for more storage tips!