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Laundry Room Organization Ideas

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Custom laundry solutions Nevada

Custom laundry solutions NevadaLaundry is a chore that nobody can escape. Few people genuinely want to do laundry, and if you’ve got a larger household, it can take up a large chunk of time out of your day. But there are ways to make the lackluster task of laundry easier on yourself! We here at Closet and Storage Concepts of Las Vegas and Henderson, Nevada believe the proper storage and organization can make anyone’s life easier, and that applies to your laundry room more than nearly anywhere else in your house! That’s why we have these awesome organizational ideas to help make your life easier and lessen your laundry burden.

Sorting Station

One of the least fun aspects of doing laundry is sorting clothes. Organizing darks, lights, and mediums, delicates, and things that need to be washed cold and so on, can all be a time-consuming hassle. Unfortunately, this necessary evil saves us money in the long term by keeping our clothes in the best possible condition and extending their lifespan. Make things easier on yourself by creating a designated sorting station where you can quickly and easily organize your laundry for efficient and effective cleaning. Have separate hampers for each set of clothing and order them by how you want them to go in the wash. To be extra thorough, color code and label things so that you never end up with a red sock falling into your temperamental white load.

Lost and Found

Laundry baskets, laundry rooms, and washers and dryers seem to exist in a nebulous third dimension where small items like socks go missing and never return. Try to cut down on these mysterious runaways by creating a laundry room lost and found, designated for items whose partners have gotten lost or whose owners are a mystery. Periodically have the whole family go through what’s been collected there and you’ll be shocked to find how many of those disappearing socks and pocket items end up making their way back home!

Hang Drying

Have a portion of your laundry room that is dedicated to hang-drying clothes. Now at first, this might seem like a way to add more trouble to your laundry routine, we promise that it will pay off in the long run. First of all, nearly all own at least one nice clothing item that shouldn’t go through the dryer, or have had shrunken dryer casualties at some point in our lives. Having a hanging dry area will prevent you from ever losing another expensive sweater. Shirts like cotton button-downs hold their shape and size best when they are hung to dry, and after ironing you’ll have a place where you can immediately hang your newly pressed clothes as you work. Plus, hang drying will save you money on energy costs in the long run.

For more laundry room storage and organization ideas, visit Closet and Storage Concepts of Las Vegas and Henderson, Nevada today or contact us here to schedule a free in-home design consultation!

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