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Make Up Storage Solutions

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For many women, make up is more than just a part of their morning routine. Rather it’s a hobby, a past time, or even an art form! But like any craft, it requires materials and supplies, and these can quickly add up, both in terms of money, and in terms of space. From endless make up brushes, to every eye shadow palatte, to all those perfect red lipsticks, things can easily get out of hand. And who wants to have to sort through disorganized piles of eye shadow while getting ready for a night on the town? That’s why Closet and Storage Concepts of Las Vegas, NV is here with these tips on how to build an organizational foundation, for your foundation!

Drawer Organization

Utilizing drawer space efficiently is a great way to get the most out of your make up storage space. Try to create drawers for specific items, so you’ll always know where to find what your looking for. For example, keep all your nail polish in one drawer, all your eye shadows in another drawer, and all your lipsticks in another drawer. Use drawer dividers to separate items by color or shade, so you’re not hunting down a nude in a see of pinks. If you’re on a budget, try using silverware separators to keep things separate from each other.

Brush Organization

Store your brushed upright in standing containers in order to easily find the ones you’re looking for and prevent damage to the bristles. Organize your brushes into different containers based on what they are for, so that you won’t accidently use an eye make up brush on your cheeks. You can upcycle old cans or mason jars for a fun DIY project, and use beads or pebbles as anchors to keep your brushes standing straight and tall.

Hanging Storage

If you’ve run out of shelf or drawer space, try and make use of your walls with hanging storage. You can store make up items that you don’t use very often in hanging jewelry bags or over the door shoe holders. Use wall shelves to make visually interesting displays of your extra make up and keep it off of your vanity and work space.

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