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The Basics of Capsule Wardrobes

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Here at Closet and Storage Concepts of Henderson and Las Vegas, Nevada, closets are our business. This means that anything that has to do with closets or what you store in them is a trend that we’re on top of. One phenomenon that we’ve seen growing in popularity these days amongst the chicest of our clients is the idea of the capsule wardrobe. The idea behind a capsule wardrobe is that you take a small number of basic and versatile pieces of clothing that are high quality and can be mixed and matched to create a variety of outfits, without owning excessive amounts of clothes. Inspired in part by Parisian fashion, capsule wardrobes celebrate minimalism, and emphasize quality over quantity. Luckily, here in the states we don’t have to deal with Parisian sized closets, so a capsule wardrobe isn’t a necessity, but building your own capsule wardrobe is still a great exercise in deciding what’s important and what you don’t need, just in time for spring-cleaning. Furthermore, capsule wardrobes are great options for traveling, so that you can pack light while still looking chic. With that in mind, here are the basics you need to start building your own capsule wardrobe for your next summer trip.

Stick With the Basics

While following the trends might be fun, and wearing vibrant and eye-catching statement pieces can make you feel like the star of the show, capsule wardrobes embrace the opposite end of the spectrum. The staples of a capsule wardrobe should be pieces that go with anything, that transition easily from daywear to nightwear, and which are understated and elegant. Basic pieces that would go well in the capsule wardrobes of both men and women include things like a simple black t-shirt, a plain white button up, a neutral colored cardigan, and a good pair of well-fitting jeans. For those who want to include slightly more flashy items, things like denim or leather jackets, muted flannels, and basic sandals are all good elements to a capsule wardrobe, where you can still include some subtle personal style.

Buck the Trends

One of the key adjectives that you should keep in mind when building your capsule wardrobe is Classic. Items that could look good in nearly any decade are items which you would include in a capsule wardrobe. Staples like a little black dress are key here, or high quality pieces that look like they could easily worn by you today, or by Audrey Hepburn and Marlon Brando sixty years ago. Items that are trendy right now, like tribal prints, a-line skirts, crop tops, and graphic tees are great and have their place, but it’s not in a capsule wardrobe.

Keep it Neutral

With a capsule wardrobe, you have so few pieces that you’ll need to make sure that every item in the collection matches with every other item, in order to create the greatest possible number of potential outfits. Because of this though, you have to be especially discerning in your color schemes. Including flashy pieces in highlighter colors is obviously a no-no, but even muted bold colors like reds or blues can be problematic. The easiest thing to do is to stick only to mellow neutrals like white, black, gray, and beige, with the chicest choice being to go all black. But if you want to incorporate color into your capsule wardrobe, your best bet is to choose an accent color like a muted rose or an earthy green, and make sure that all of your neutral pieces work with your colored items.

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