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4 Tips for Freezer Storage

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Freezing food is a great way to get the most bang for your buck at the grocery store, but when freezer space is limited, sometimes you have to get creative. Use these tips from Closet and Storage Concepts of Las Vegas and Henderson, Nevada in order to help you make the most of your freezer storage space!

  1. Know What You Can Freeze

One of the most important aspects of storing things in your freezer, is actually knowing what is freezable! Not everything is going to keep well in cold storage, and while some things can last months in the freezer, other items shouldn’t be frozen at all. Having a good idea of what can be stored in your freezer and for how long will set you up for success from the start!. As a general guide, try to avoid storing things with a lot of moisture, like non-berry fruits, veggies, and dairy products in your freezer. Fried items are also not suited to freezer storage. Things that can last in your freezer are items like nuts, bread, stew, and fish.

  1. Pick Your Portions

Freezing items in usable portion sizes will make it easier to use what you need without exposing additional portions to things like freezer burn through hasty repackaging. By storing things like chicken or rice in single use portion sizes, you’ll have exactly what you need on hand, no more and no less. Things won’t get stuck into a frozen mountain of food, and you’ll no that nothing is going to waste.

  1. Be Container Conscious

Being careful about what containers you use for your freezer storage will ensure that your frozen foods last for as long as possible. Try to use containers and organizers that don’t allow for airflow, which can cause freezer burn and ruin your foods. Use plastic bags that are designed for freezers and mason jars that can be sealed shut in order to preserve everything for storage. Tin foil and plastic wrap should be high quality and heavy duty in order to keep out the burn.

  1. Label Everything

We’re big label lovers here at Closet and Storage Concepts, and we think that using labels is a great way to help keep your freezer organizes as well. Write what it is you’ve frozen and when you froze it. This means that you’ll never have to guess at what a container contains, and whether it’s safe to eat. It will help you cut down on food waste and make your life easier.

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