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How to Store Food Long Term

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We’re hardly conspiracy nuts here at Closet and Storage Concepts of Henderson and Las Vegas, Nevada, but sometimes on these hot days we feel a little more secure knowing that there are a couple extra cases of clean drinking water in the garage. Long term food storage doesn’t mean stocking up a backyard bunker though, simply buying things in bulk and hanging on to them is a great way to save money and time. But to make the most of your forward thinking spending habits, you need to be able to safely store your food long term. Here’s how to get the most mileage out of your food’s shelf life.

Know Which Foods to Store

The first step is to know which foods will last the longest when stored long term. Some things will hold up better than others, and some items have a nearly indefinite shelf life if properly protected. Some items that can be kept indefinitely if properly stored include white sugar, salt, molasses, and pure honey. Other foods can last for 5 to 10 years if properly stored, including dry beans, dry corn, rice, cereals like oats, and whole spices. Many canned foods can also last for long times, but if it is prepackaged, make sure to check the expiration date all the same.

Storage Conditions

Another important consideration is the room that your foods will be stored in. Extreme temperatures are obviously less than ideal for food storage, so if you’re garage isn’t climate controlled, avoid keeping food in there with the heat of the Las Vegas summer. The perfect temperature for long term food storage is about 75 degrees Fahrenheit. Ensure that the area your are keeping your food in is moisture free and dry, and keep the food containers from resting on the floor, because air circulation is important. Definitely keep food out of places that might have insect or rodent exposure. This means the ideal place for long term food storage is on shelves in a pantry, rather than in a basement or garage.

Freezing Food

Freezing food is a great way to make sure that you have prepared meals ready to go on nights that you just can’t bring yourself to cook. While the above tips referred to food storage that could last years, the most you’ll want to keep things in your freezer for is about a year max, and generally less long than that. Freezing is a great way to make things like soups last longer and you can also ensure that you always have fresh meat with freezer storing as well.

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