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How to Get Organized for Back to School

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We like to be prepared well in advance for any important event here at Closet and Storage Concepts of Las Vegas and Henderson, Nevada. While Back to School time doesn’t come until September, it’s just around the corner now that it’s almost August. Being prepared well in advance will help you face the stresses of back to school in a way that won’t cause stress or strain. Here are our tips to help you stay organized when the summer draws to a close.

Plan Before You Shop

One of the most stressful parts of preparing for back to school is back to school shopping. It’s exciting for the kids, who finally get new clothes that fit now that they’ve outgrown last year’s pants, which are getting a little too short. But as necessary as it is to break out the wallet for new clothes, it can be easy to break the bank if you’re not prepared. In order to stay on track, have a plan before you hit the shops. The mall is designed to make it easy for you to buy things, so having a strict plan is important. Assess your needs, first of all. You don’t have to replace your child’s entire wardrobe, just get new items for the old ones that no longer fit. Since those clothes will only be lightly used, you can also sell them in order to lessen the financial burden of all these new items.

Ease Into the New Schedule

The slow mornings and long, lazy days of summer are a big contrast with the strict and early schedules of the school year. If you want the first day of school to go smoothly, don’t make it the first day that you switch from waking up at noon to trying to pry the kids up at six. Start incrementally waking them up earlier day-by-day, so that when that first day of school comes, they’ll be prepared for the new morning routine.

Create A Calendar

Having a calendar of milestones and events leading up to the new school year will help you stay on schedule. Plan the days that you’ll go shopping, the days you’ll wake the kids a little earlier, the days you’ll brave the mall for sales all well in advance, and you won’t be pulling out your hair in a disorganized frenzy at the last minute.

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