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Small Closet Organization

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So you have a smaller closet than you’d like. Let’s be honest, we’d all love more closet space, right? Well, there’s probably more space in your closet than you think, you might just not be using it! Closet and Storage Concepts of Las Vegas and Henderson, Nevada is bringing you some helpful hints on how you can have the closet of your dreams, no matter the square footage!

Get Rid of Unused Items

We’re all guilty of holding on to clothing that we haven’t worn in ages because we swear we will find a use for it again. Unfortunately, that usually doesn’t end up happening. Take this reorganization time to slim down your wardrobe. If you need more motivation, you can even earn some money by selling your clothing to secondhand shops. Once you get rid of all of the items you rarely use, you find that your closet might not seem so small anymore.

Don’t Neglect Open Space

When dealing with a smaller closet space, it’s important to utilize all areas to the fullest. Rather than just putting pairs of shoes on the ground, place shoe organizers that can double or even triple the amount of shoes able to be stored. To be more space savvy, even if your clothing rack and above shelves are completely full, the area between the ground and the end of your clothing is an overlooked area that can be a game changer. Storage bins or rack-to-ground hanging organizers help you store more with less.

Taking Your Closet Outside of Your Closet

Maybe you’ve gotten rid of most of your clothes, used every inch possible in your closet, but still are struggling to find space. There’s no need to worry, there is a slightly unconventional solution available, and that is using other areas of your bedroom to store your closet items. A popular option is a dresser, but if that isn’t enough, under your bed is a perfect place to store off-season clothing without taking up additional space in your room.

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Photo by Deidre Woollard, used through Creative Commons License 2.0 Generic (CC BY 2.0).