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Fall Decoration and Organization Ideas

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With summer ending later this month, fall home décor and organization needs start slowly popping up as a new school year begins and the holiday season plans start to develop. Even though here in Las Vegas we don’t exactly have ‘four seasons’ type of weather, there’s still a sense of change that comes with the new time of year. Get excited for the autumn season with these fun and helpful tips from Closet and Storage Concepts of Las Vegas and Henderson, Nevada!


When you think of fall colors, inevitably bright oranges, yellows, and reds come to mind, and these are considered ‘warm’ colors. If your home décor is warm-colored as well, decorating for the fall isn’t a problem as you can work around your current design scheme. We recommend decorative throw pillows or colored candles for easy and stylish solutions. However, if your rooms are hopelessly cool-colored (think blues and greens), you could find yourself lost on how to decorate for fall. If you’re looking for something bold, try adding one item that brings a pop of autumn color. Another option would lean towards items that are a color in the middle, like purple, which is a mix of blue and red, that will work well for both color schemes but still adds a seasonal touch.


Now is the time to start putting away your ice tea glasses and pull out your teacups. In order to make room for your fall and winter items, fully put and pack away your spring and summer accessories. This goes for clothes too – there’s no point having sundresses take up space when you’ll be reaching for jeans and long sleeves for the next couple of months. Next, it’s time to do some online organizing. While summer is more relaxed and people are often out on vacation, fall means a busier schedule with more to do. It helps to set reminders for events that occur on a schedule for the rest of the year, like the kids’ sports games or weekly budget meetings at work, to get a better idea of your calendar. Now is the time to set email filters and clean out your inbox to get back into the swing of things after summer.

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