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3 Tips to Pack an Organized Suitcase

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At Closet and Storage Concepts of Nevada, we love to craft custom closets that fit your organizational needs. We know that in today’s busy world, though, life often takes us away from our homes and our closets. This month, the Nevada team is tackling the question of how to pack an organized suitcase that can substitute for your at-home wardrobe while you’re away. Read on to find out our top three tips for packing luggage that will keep you in style for your entire trip.

  1. Make a plan: The most important thing to do before you even begin to pack your bag is to assess your needs. What does your trip itinerary look like? What are the weather trends for your travel dates? Pack what you know you’ll need, not what you think you might. Along the same space-saving lines, it’s also a good idea to pack clothing that can function for multiple days and wears. Instead of packing five separate full outfits, consider packing five tops but two pairs of pants and one skirt.
  2. Know when to roll and know when to fold: Rolling some of your clothing is a great space saving tip, but it doesn’t work well for every item in your bag. Soft fabrics like t-shirts, pajamas, or even some pants can be rolled. Starched shirts or stiffer fabrics in general, though, should still be folded to keep your clothing looking its best.
  3. Top it all off: There are two tips to keep in mind when it comes to finishing up your packing. First, remember to put anything you’ll need immediately on your trip at the top of your bag. That might include an outfit for dinner when you land, or it might be pajamas for your hotel room, but whatever it is you’ll need, you won’t want to hunt through your luggage after your trip. It’s also a good idea to consider putting a dry cleaning bag on top of the specific layers of clothing within your bag; the dry cleaning bag’s smooth surface will allow your clothing to slide and prevent wrinkles from setting.

Hopefully these three tips will help make your time away from home as easy and as organized as possible. For more advice on how to build your most organized life, visit Closet and Storage Concepts of Nevada today.

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