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4 Tips to an Organized Game Day Party

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How to Throw a Great Game Day Party

How to Throw a Great Game Day Party

It’s the middle of fall here in Henderson, which means the weather might be cooling down, but those game day parties are heating up. At Closet and Storage Concepts Nevada, we love football as much as you do, so we’re here to help you throw your best game day party yet. Read on to find out our top four tips to organize a party that will make your friends cheer!

  1. Plan your menu a week in advance—Even if you’re just offering chips and a few cold drinks, hosting a game day party usually means an extra trip to the grocery store and the wasted time that comes with it. If you plan your menu out a week in advance, though, you can stock up for your party during that week’s trip and save yourself a little stress the day of your party. Planning and shopping in advance also means you won’t need to worry about any last minute impulse buys or the game day crowds!
  2. Think carefully about space—Hosting a football viewing party offers some unique challenges when it comes to organizing your guests in your space. Of course you want to have enough seating for all of your friends, but it’s also important to think about the spaces around your seats—are your guests the type to jump up and accidentally knock over the precious antique lamp on your coffee table? It’s a good idea to football proof your space before offering it up as guest seating at your party.
  3. Make a half time plan—The structure of a football game means that your guests will all want to use half time to refill on snacks, use the restroom, or otherwise mill about. Having a half time plan is a great way to keep your party organized. You might bring new treats out at the pause, organize a quick party game, or pass out a favor like Gatorade to add a creative touch to your event and keep your guests from flooding your kitchen at the same time.
  4. Have an exit strategy—Some game day parties end naturally, but sometimes guests are unsure how to transition out of your home and to the next stage of their nights. To help make the end of the night clear, consider offering a final favor like cupcakes iced in your team’s colors, a final toast to the end of the game, or a goodie bag that guests can pick up on their way out.


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