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4 Quick Tip to Stress-Free Holiday Hosting

stress free holiday hosting

stress free holiday hosting

The holiday season is here, and at Closet and Storage Concepts Nevada, we know that can mean additional stress for those of us whose holidays come with hosting duties.   Whether you’re housing out of town guests this season or holding the annual family gathering, the organizational experts at Closet and Storage Concepts want your season to be as smooth as possible. Read on to learn four quick but effective tips to bring a little peace back to your holiday season.

1). Stock the basics – One of the most popular mantras in organization is to keep things simple. If you’ll have family or friends staying in your guest room this holiday season, focus on stocking the basics they’ll need like shampoo, soap, and toothbrushes over stressing about the small details of their stays. Guests are much more likely to remember moments when you made their lives easier than they are to remember the décor.

2.) Make seating a priority – Meal time seating is important, but it’s also crucial to account for the places family members will sit and talk in your home surrounding the big meal. Providing ample amounts of seating in advance will prevent guests from attempting to create their own arrangements and save you many potential cleanups.

3). Consider a Buffet – While the classic image of a family dinner may be around a table, sometimes it just isn’t logistically feasible to host a tabled meal. To cut down on your organizational stress this season, consider opting for a buffet. Buffets allow for much more flexibility in your planning process, and just like in our “stock the basics” tip, most guests will just remember the generosity of your cooking and hosting above all else.

4). Plan time for yourself – It can sometimes seem at the holidays like everyone else’s needs come first. As you’re planning out your best holiday hosting yet, remember to create intentional time for yourself to recuperate. The more you take care of your own stress levels this season, the more you can take care of everyone else’s needs.

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