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4 Habits That Will Keep Your Closet Organized

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custom closet las vegas

At Closet & Storage Concepts Nevada, we love helping our customers craft custom closets that serve all their needs. We know, though, that the journey to a perfectly organized closet doesn’t end when your custom closet is installed. Maintaining an organized closet (and an organized life!) is an ongoing process of developing habits that help you work towards your goals.

Read on to find out the four habits we see over and over again in clients who are able to keep their closets organized year round; these tips are sure to help you develop your own organizational savvy!

  1. Assign Everything a Place – One of the keys to any organization project is assigning everything (and we mean everything) its own place. This is especially important in your closet, where space is often at a premium. It can be tempting to let new purchases fall to the bottom of the pile, but it’s important to think deliberately about where new items will go when you purchase them.
  2. Schedule in Time for Touch-Ups – Life happens, and from time to time, even the most organized of closets will be a little disordered. By scheduling in a monthly or bi-monthly appointment with yourself to touch-up your closet, you’ll keep the disarray at bay.
  3. Re-Evalute Your Wardrobe Regularly – Those with organized wardrobes have a little secret: they’re constantly monitoring their clothing to make sure everything serves a purpose. Reevaluating your clothes on at least a yearly basis, and donating what you no longer wear, is a great way to keep your closet at its best and ensure you love every outfit within it.
  4. Take a Picture – It might seem silly, but taking a picture of your closet at its best and keeping it for reference will help you stay motivated to do the difficult work of maintaining your closet’s organization over time.


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