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Library Organization Strategies You’ll Love

book organization in henderson

book organization in henderson

At Closet and Storage Concepts of Nevada, we’re experts in all things storage. While our bread and butter is custom closets, as well as custom entertainment centers, pantries, and custom garage organization, we love sharing organizational tips for our clients whose needs are off the beaten path. This month, we’re bringing you our best tips for how to organize your personal library. Whether you’re a bookworm or a casual collector, there’s sure to be a strategy for library organization that you’ll fall in love with for your Henderson home.

1). By Color

One of the most striking ways to organize a home library is by color. This eye-catching strategy instantly converts your storage shelves into an integral aspect of your interior design and is sure to be a talking point of guests in your home. While organization by color is incredibly visually appealing, though, it doesn’t necessarily make the most sense for those who turn to their personal libraries often to find the perfect book. Your collection organized by color will be difficult to sift through when you have an exact choice in mind and want to locate it quickly.

2). By Genre

Organizing your library by genre goes a step beyond alphabetical organization but still allows you to locate your favorite books quickly and easily. Organizing by genre also allows you to show off the sections of literature you’re interested in well in your home!

3). By Stacks

Most homeowners tend to default to organizing the books in their bookcases vertically, but organizing books by stacks instead has some advantages. First, books organized in stacks add visual interest to your bookshelf and set it apart from the rest. Choosing this strategy can also be better for your books themselves; standing books vertically takes a toll on their bindings. Finally, organizing your books into stacks also allows you to employ any other form of organization – you might organize stacks by color, alphabetically, or by genre.

We hope these tips help you bring some new order and aesthetic beauty to your personal library. For more organization tips and tricks, contact the experts at Closet and Storage Concepts Henderson.

Photo: Photo by Meagan Tintari and licensed under CC2.0